576 718 280

If you're looking for psychological help, consulting or mental treatment in Lublin and You don't speak Polish, I provide psychotherapy in English.

I help in any emotional difficulties which may be overwhelming:
personal & relation difficulties
family difficulties
difficulties in marriage or relationship
depression, sadness, lack of energy, suicidal thoughts
anxiety disorders
eating disorders
support in somatic diseases
sexual disorders and problems
difficulties in job finding, stagnacy, burnout
death of relatives, mourning

My basic approach is integrative MetaSystemic psychotherapy. All information shared by my clients during consultations and sessions is confidential.
Individual psychotherapy for adults costs 120 zł (visit lasts 1 hour), couples/family therapy costs 150 zł (visit lasts from 1,5 hour to 2 hours)

Contact info:
Warszawa, ul. Marymoncka 37/1
tel. 576 718 280